Miles of Hope Team :: Mexico House Build 2019

On July 18th 36+ families will travel to the Colonias of Tijuana to partner with Homes of Hope (YWAM). Our goal is to build FIVE homes for FIVE gorgeous families who are in tremendous need of proper shelter. The cost of the supplies for the new homes, each of which includes 3 rooms, plus the furniture to fill them is approximately $50,000. Homes of Hope, established in the TJ area in 1991, has built close to 7,000 homes for families in need. The gift of a home redirects the course of a family's life from surviving each day to having hope for the future.

All of the proceeds of your donations and/or Comedy & Magic Club* ticket(s) will go directly towards these costs and are tax deductible. Thank you so very much for partnering on this exciting journey with us. If you have questions please email Chrissy Miles at

There are 3 ways that you can support

Thank you for your generosity and for partnering with us!

Comedy & Magic Club
Multiple Comics - $25
Wednesday, May 29th, 2019
Doors open at 6:30pm -- Please arrive by 7:15pm

Raffle Prizes this year are AMAZING!

(Please call in RSVP – Instructions are in your confirmation email)

Order Tickets & Donate to the Miles of Hope Team
Comedy Show Tickets
May 29th Comedy Show Ticket - $25/each
Fund Building Supplies
Bunk Bed ($600)
Stove ($300)
Table & Chairs ($250)
Front Door ($250)
Window ($100)
Roofing Shingles ($50)
Gallon of Paint ($20)
Box of Nails ($10)
Other Donations
Donate another amount to the house
I plan on paying with a credit card and would like to pay the fees of $0 so all the money goes to the house build.
Your Donation Total
* Comedy & Magic Club requires each person to be 18 or older and purchase 2 items (drink and/or food) during the show.
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